otrack® features

otrack® is a flexible software running on the most disparate devices: you can use our app through tablets, smartphones or special locators placed on your vehicles.

Our satellite tracking locators usually provide the following features:

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for external devices and sensors
Waterproof (IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68)
Terminal with flexible input configuration, configurable DIN / AIN to monitor and control from remote, including vehicle immobilization
Reliable 4G (LTE Cat 1) connection with fallback over 3G (UMTS) or 2G (GSM) networks
Integrated accelerometer to track crashes, tow lift, speed
CAN BUS data reading from specialized vehicles and transport (with CAN adapter), via bluetooth, via OBD plug and play
Internal backup battery
Inputs for fuel flow meters
Video camera for recording videos and photos in the cabin and on the road
Driver authentication via Dallas iButton